Chum RNA

What is Chum RNA?

This type of RNA serves as a dummy substrate for enhancing the reaction rate of enzymes.  If added to the reaction system, this RNA helps creation of high quality cDNA library from a single human cell, without requiring PCR amplification.  In addition, this RNA is expected to play a role in protection of mRNA during extraction of mRNA derived from a single human cell and an auxiliary role in RT-PCR amplification.

How to work of Chum RNA

Suitable for creation of high quality cDNA library from very small amounts of sample

cDNA amplification possible even with a single cell

 Price ( Shipping fee is necessary other than product price .)

Catalog No. Product name Content Price
CM-10020 Chum RNA for 20 reaction sessions 20 μg ¥25,000
CM-10100 Chum RNA for 100 reaction sessions 20 μg x 5 units ¥75,000
Linker primer (purified with HPLC): Needed for reverse transcription (see the reference protocol)
CM-20020 Linker primer for 20 reaction sessions 32 μg ¥5,000
CM-20100 Linker primer for 100 reaction sessions 32 μg x 5 units ¥20,000

Chum RNA was developed by the group led by Dr. Nojima, Research Institute for Microbial Diseases, Osaka University.  It is manufactured and distributed by Gene Design Inc. under a licensing agreement with Osaka University.