in vivo grade synthesis

Features of our products

·      All consumable materials we use are pyrogen-free.

·      Strict quality control is performed using various analyzers (RP-HPLC, IEX-HPLC, MALDI-TOF/MS, etc.)

·      Residual salts, which can pose problems during in vivo experiments, are removed to below the detection limit.

·      Endotoxin test is performed as well.

·      Large-scale synthesis and modifications are also possible.

* For in vivo grade synthesized products, we accept 10 mg or more per sequence as a guaranteed volume.


Features of synthesis

·      Synthesis is possible in amounts up to 50 g/batch.

·      Various modifications (base modifications, fluorescent labeling, phosphothioate, etc.) are possible.

·      Synthesis of long-chain oligo-DNA is also possible.

·      Supply of GMP-compatible lots is also possible.


Scope of application

·      Basic research for drug creation

·      Tests of disease target genes, identified in vitro, using animal models of disease

·      Activation of natural immunity (TLR pathway, etc.)

·      Tests during development of nucleic acid medicines


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