Company name:  GeneDesign, Inc.

Founded:       December, 2000

Capital:        50,000 thousand Yen

Head Office/Research Institute

 <Location> 7-7-29 Saitoasagi,Ibaraki,Osaka 567-0085,JAPAN

 <Phone> +81-72-640-5180 <FAX> +81-72-640-5181

Number of employees: 56

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Following recent advances in genetic engineering, development of new pharmaceutical products for the treatment of various diseases, previously difficult to treat, has been carried out.  Research and development are active across the world about the promising next-generation drugs such as those making use of nucleic acid (nucleic acid drucs) for gene expression regulation (antisense, decoy, siRNA, etc.), inhibition of the function for specific target molecules with aptamers, and so on.

GeneDesign, Inc. began its operation by custom synthesis of oligonucleotides for use in research.  Later, the company introduced latest technology and patent licenses from Osaka University Grade School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Osaka University Graduate School of Medicine, Research Institute for Microbial Diseases (Osaka University) and RIKEN, and has been actively engaged in development of new products using new nucleic acid production technologies.  To date, the company has provided unique nucleic acid materials such as BNA (bridged nucleic acid), ribbon-type decoy nucleic acid, ICON Probe and Chum-RNA, contributing to development of new technologies (related to pharmaceutical products, diagnostic technology, biotechnology research, etc.) based on gene-related technology.

At present, the demand to various synthetic oligonucleotides is being expanded from the culture cell level to animal study materials and clinical trials.  GeneDesign Inc. has established a system capable of providing a wide range of oligonucleotides encompassing used in research and for clinical trials and has been actively conducting research and development in order to become an enterprise which can contribute greatly to commercialization of nucleic acid-based medicines and diagnostic systems.

We will continue our efforts for development of nucleic acid-based new-generation medicines and diagnostic reagents, with a goal set at becoming an enterprise contributing to human welfare and health through nucleic acid technology development.


Kazuhiko Yuyama


GeneDesign Inc.