RNA custom synthesis

Our integrated system, covering all steps from receipt of order to delivery of products, enables supply of high-quality synthesis of diverse RNA oligomers (ranging from short-chain RNS oligomer for siRNA to long-chain RNA oligomer suitable for application to aptamer, etc.) under thorough production control (RNase free, etc.).  Diverse modifications are possible, like the case of DNA synthesis.

Characteristics of products

·      Synthesis scale

Standard synthesis scales are 0.2 and 1 μmole.

·      Chain length of synthesizable RNA oligomers

The standard length is up to 70 bases.  If a chain length greater than 70 bases is needed, contact us.

·      Purification grade

The purification grade can be selected from two alternatives (simplified column purification and HPLC purification)

·      Special synthesis

Diverse special demands such as diverse modifications, 2’-F-RNA, 2’-OMe-RNA, large-scale synthesis may be met.  Contact us for details.

·      Feasibility of synthesis at in vivo grade

Production at in vivo grade, applicable to animal studies, etc., is also feasible.  Refer to in vivo grade synthesis for details.

Example of long-chain RNA oligomer synthesis

*Also at the simplified column purification grade, synthesis of high purity long-chain RNA oligomer is possible.

Note) Depending on sequence, bear in mind that synthesis may be difficult.

Price for synthesis ( Shipping fee is necessary other than product price .)
synthesis scale 0.2μmol
Corresponding base number 1130mer 3145mer 4670mer
Price per Base ¥1,000 ¥1,000 ¥1,000
Purification method Simplified column
The price for 11-mer is applied to 10-mer and less base numbers.
Delivered in the freeze-dried form after desalting.
Note 1) In case of synthesis of RNA oligomers of 70-mer or larger base number, contact us.
Note 2) The price for synthesis is the price per base.
Note 3) Diverse modifications are possible, like the case of DNA synthesis.
Check here about feasible modifications.
RNA analogues
synthesis scale 0.2μmol 1μmol
Corresponding base number 1170mer 1170mer
2'-OMe RNA ¥1,000 ¥2,000
2'-F RNA(C,U) ¥3,200 ¥6,400
2'-F RNA(G,A) ¥3,200 ¥6,400
Double-strand RNA for siRNA is provided under package price. See siRNA.
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