siRNA custom synthesis


Under a licensing contract with Alnylam Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (USA), our company has been engaged in synthesis and manufacturing of siRNA for use in research and development.


Product features

·      Products are delivered after annealing to the client, to enable immediate use for experiments.

·      Desalting is standard procedure.

·      In vivo experiment grade is also possible.

·      Special synthesis: Modifications (LNA insertion, 2’-O-Me2’-F, etc.) are also possible.

Contact us from this page about in vivo experiment grade and special synthesis.

 Price ( Shipping fee is necessary other than product price .)

Grade Chain length (including overhang) Price
Guaranteed amount
Cartridge column + desalting 21~25mer ¥20,000 20nmol
27mer ¥35,000
HPLC + desalting 21~25mer ¥35,000 5nmol
27mer ¥45,000
For high throughput screening (cartridge column) 21~25mer \9,000/well 1nmol/well

·     The standard overhang is dTdT, but this may be changed in response to request.

·      The product is delivered after annealing.

·      The product for high throughput screening is delivered in the lyophilized form using a 96-well plate.

Check here about feasible modifications.

siRNA sequence design service is also available.  Refer to this page for details.

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