siRNA design service

Product features

If you need to do experiment with RNA interference, it is necessary to select an siRNA sequence optimal to the target gene.  This computer program has a high hit rate thanks to the high precision algorithm and feedback of data from interference experiments.  The following indicators are scored.

Profile score: The profile representing the characteristics of sequence common for active siRNA is utilized.  Activity is more likely to appear if the siRNA sequence agrees to this profile.

Load score: Biases in internal energy are scored to enable more effective sequence selection.

GC score: The siRNA activity is highest when the GC content is 30-50%.  GC content is scored.

Position score: The relationship between the location within a gene and the activity level is scored.

Specificity score: The specificity of siRNA sequence in the genome sequence of the target biological species is scored to minimize the off-target effect.

Demands to “knocking-down of some specific genes of the gene family”, etc. may also be met flexibly with the use of a high-speech search engine.

 Price ( Shipping fee is necessary other than product price .)

Price for analysis: sequence design for one gene \35,000
3 candidates will be supplied
(Examples of options)
Designing individual-specific knockdown siRNA for the Unigene-unregistered gene family \10,000 for 5 target genes at maximum (BLAST search), \20,000 (GeneMatcher search)
Remarks on sequence designing
1. We cannot guarantee knock-down in the outcome of designing. But, if knock-down cannot be achieved after synthesis of 2 sets of candidate sequence, the price for synthesis of the third candidate sequence is \10,000 for 2 units.
2. The client needs to specify the sequence or Gene Bank Accession number. If only the gene name is specified, the outcome may not be completely consistent with the gene desired.
3. BLAST analysis is performed to siRNA sequence specific to the target gene. The client needs to specify the organism to be tested. Multiple species of organism may also be specified (extra charge for option: \10,000).
4. Selection of a sequence common for multiple genes or a gene among multiple species of organism is also possible (extra cost for option: \10,000).
5. We may place inquiry about the results of knock-down experiment conducted by the client, to improve the precision of our sequence designing program. Your response to our inquiry to a range possible for you will be appreciated.